The Best E85 Performance Blend

E85 Blend Performance Fuel

E85Pro Performance Fuel provides significant boost in power and torque without breaking your wallet. It has a base octane rating of 105 and has the bonus of added cooling properties that add knock resistance.

Why choose E85pro?

E85 boots your engine’s horsepower and torque because of the higher octane rating. E85’s octane rating is 105, hence it is able to withstand denotation until the exact moment when it should occur. Here are additional benefits to performance E85. 

Increase Power

Increase Torque

Burns Cleaner

Less Knocking

“There is no comparsion, I have never found a better E85 performance blend at any gas station here in the Houston area!”

“I only use E85pro’s blend. It is the best we have ever found—hands down!”

“Race night is always and I mean always better with E85Pro! There is no better.”

  • Better Engine Performace
  • Higher Octane
  • Reduses Greenhouse Gases
  • More Horsepower

I have a high horsepower car that requires high Ethanol fuel, and I use the mobile app Gas Jockey, which E85Pro provides the Ethanol fuel for. Their product has been very good, I have a computer on my vehicle that checks the amount of Ethanol in the fuel, and each time it has been above the 85% mark, normally it shows 87% to 89%, which is very good, at the top level. The delivery of the fuel has been very reliable, they deliver the fuel to wherever I am located at the time.  They give you a two-hour window for delivery, which they have always kept too, except once, and I got a phone call to explain why, which I really appreciated, and they arrive soon after. I have referred them many times, to people at car meets, when having work done on my vehicle, and on many other occasions where I have been discussing fuel.  I have only high praise for them, my experiences with them and the fuel I would describe as fantastic, and I give them the highest rating I can.

The mobile app ‘Gas Jockey’ is super easy to use. The fuel always arrives in a timely manner. The E Content in the fuel is absolutely incredible. I can certainly feel the difference after using it if I then have to get fuel from a regular gas pump.  I recommend the fuel all day every day, and even drive around with a sticker on my truck.  I definitely give them a 5 Star Rating.

I have a sports type vehicle that requires high ethanol fuel. I became aware of the mobile app ‘Gas Jockey’ and was very pleased with how user friendly it was. It took away all the stress of finding good quality high ethanol gas. I am very happy with the fuel, it works perfectly in my vehicle, and it is very reassuring to know that it is of such a high quality. Before finding this app I had some concerns about using gas from a regular fuel pump as you do not always know what percentage of ethanol you are getting, but this way I don’t need to worry now. Their prices are very competitive, especially considering how much higher the high ethanol percentage is in the fuel. I love the app it has made accessing fuel for my vehicle very convenient, and it comes with great service.  I would definitely give both the app and the fuel a 5 Star rating. I also recommend this app and fuel to others when I get the opportunity.

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